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Why SAP Matter:


In today’s digital age, having an online presence is crucial. System Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) play a vital role in establishing your digital footprint. These dynamic platforms enable real-time user interactions, data management, and service provision, elevating user engagement and optimizing operational efficiency.

Why Choose Logical Key Cloud?

always up-to-date sap business one version 10.0


New interface

A Fiori-Style Cockpit with improved usability is available for the Web Client based on SAP Fiori design principles.

Microsoft integration:

Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive can be integrated to export document layouts, grid results, and reports into Excel and Word.

Document printing

Document printing has been improved with enhanced selection criteria to increase usability and productivity, especially when printing a large number of documents.

FP 2108, version for SAP HANA

SAP has released the Feature Pack 2108, which includes many improvements.

Other features

SAP’s Feature Pack 2108 includes several improvements such as new UK (Brexit) localization, enhancements in the approval process, financial reports with drill-down function, interactive Gantt chart, and formatted search.

Ongoing Support:

At Logical Key Cloud, we are committed to providing ongoing support to ensure your application remains in top form even after deployment.

Our Pricing Offering :

from 3 to 5 users


$ 52.32

monthly/per user

from 3 to 5 users

10% discount



monthly/per user

from 21 to 50 users

20% discount


$ 41.86

monthly/per user

from 51 users

30% discount



monthly/per user

What We Offer In SAP?

SAP Business One Private Cloud is deployed and operated in a dedicated cloud environment (Private Cloud) or as an on-premise installation. This eliminates all restrictions specified by the SAP Cloud Control Center, giving customers the freedom to use all options such as add-ons, additional application servers, or an individual B1if. Customers can also freely determine the SAP Business One version and patch level. Additionally, customers or responsible consulting companies receive extensive administrative access to the system. The minimum number of “basis users” for SAP Business One Private Cloud is three.

Please note that all products and solutions in the Logical Key price list do not include SAP Business One and add-on licenses, unless expressly stated otherwise. You are free to choose your license, whether it be bringing your existing purchase licenses, buying new licenses from the SAP consulting company of your choice (on-premise licenses), or renting them (cloud licenses). OEM licenses, which are available together with an industry solution based on SAP Business One, can also be used by Logical Key. It is worth comparing and getting expert advice from one of the many Logical Key partners on site. Logical Key will be happy to assist you with this.

You can test SAP Business One Cloud on SAP HANA for 14 days without any charge or obligation. You will have access to our demo environment and can test SAP Business One Cloud in an English, German, or Spanish client.

SAP regulates the maximum number of SAP Business One users in a company database. However, there are no restrictions from Logical Key Cloud for the maximum number of users in SAP Business One.

You can print receipts and reports directly from SAP Business One on your local printer. In 90% of cases, the printing service included in Logical Key Cloud is sufficient. However, if you want to print a large amount of data or address central printing systems at your location, Logical Key Cloud also offers an optional and cost-efficient Advanced Printing solution. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

A "basis user" is a named user that covers professional and limited user licenses. They have an integrated mobile access.


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